I feel His Love

Quite these days, there are times that I would just like to take my pen and write something that my heart feels. Something that the Lord is instilling in my heart and mind where I could burst forth my thoughts of love to Him.

However, there would be days as well that was not like that. I don’t feel doing something. I don’t feel ever going up in the morning, I don’t feel opening my laptop or phone to do something.

The truth is, there will be those days that I have felt that and yet, beyond those feelings, this truth from the Lord always comes in my mind, “He loves me…still” I hear the Lord says, “Yes, I love you…still.”

There could be days in your life that there’s a weight of pain in your life, there could be days that smiling seems even hard, there could be days that you felt being worthless or even a mistake. And yet I want to tell you this truth, “He loves you…still” and you know what? That was enough to know.

This I have found along the way; the Lord always wants us to walk in Love through Jesus Christ. It was comforting to know that neither life nor death, nor our feelings, as unstable as it is, can keep us from the love of Christ. This was a comforting truth. The comforting embrace of His love enables us to continue going. His love compels us. His love keeps us going. His love keeps us alive. His love makes us stand again, if we fall. His love, more than feeling it is, is real.

His love goes deeper than the pain you feel,
His love is stronger than depression and fear,
His love is stronger than your mistakes and failures,
His love is stronger than those lonely days, alone moments of life,

So, I ask of you, may you remain and experience that love of Christ.

I pray that you’ll experience that His love for you is unending, it never quits.
It never ends. It’s just new every day.

I pray that you’ll find these words to say to Him, “I want to give my life to You Lord, to spend and to be spent for You alone. May His love will overflow and abound in your life. May you experience that nothing and no one else satisfies, but Christ alone. What a sweet grace of days it is, with Christ as our Treasure and All in All.”

In Christ Alone,

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